Transition from a pacifier to a cup.

Transition from a pacifier to a cup.

Readiness of the child for this transition.

   It is necessary to Accustom the child to a cup gradually. At the age of five months the kid, most likely, will apprehend a cup as due. He will just think that milk can be drunk not only from a pacifier, but also from a cup. But if you pass this term and offer the child milk from a cup at the age of nine – ten months, he, perhaps, will turn obstinate and won't begin to drink.

   For a start pour 10 – 20 grams of milk in a cup. The kid will make one – two drinks, and, most likely, this way of food will be pleasant to him. It is possible to give to drink to the child who is on breastfeeding from a cup pasteurized milk which is better for boiling.

   Juice from a cup. Even if the kid already drinks juice from a cup, it doesn't mean that he without hesitation will begin to drink from a cup and milk. He already knows that juice happens in a cup, and milk in a breast or a small bottle. He still should get used to a thought that in a cup there is a milk.

   Help the child to fall in love with a cup. The six-months child has an expressed need to be enough objects and to put them in a mouth. Give it a small cup with direct walls which is convenient for holding in hand; it will play with it, representing that drinks from it as big. When the kid learns to hold strong a cup, pour in it a little milk. The better at it it turns out, the more it is possible to pour milk. He will like most to drink from a cup, but if within several days he refuses, don't insist. In the first months of training the child won't be able to do several drinks in a row. He will learn it in a year and a half.

   Happens so that the kid doesn't wish to drink from the usual cup, but is enraptured with a new cup of other form or color. Sometimes he refuses to drink warm milk, but with pleasure drinks cold. Sometimes it makes sense to add something to milk to change its smell or color. Discuss these moments with the pediatrician.

   Children begin to drink from a cup at different times. At some kids in seven-eight months readiness for transition from a small bottle to a cup is observed. For example, if the child reluctantly and not for long sucks a breast (or to a nipple) and quickens at the sight of a cup, then he needs obviously to be weaned gradually (or to disaccustom to a small bottle).

   But process of sucking gives to most of kids huge pleasure (such children usually suck fingers). They always to a drop drink milk from a small bottle and suspiciously treat a cup, refusing even to try to drink from it.

Gradually you teach the child to drink from a cup.

   Have patience and don't adjust the child. You allowed it to drink from a cup from five-months age, and it did one-two drinks. If in eight-nine months he without hunting drinks from a small bottle and prefers to drink from a cup, gradually increase amount of milk in a cup, respectively reducing it in a small bottle. After some time let's it drink from a cup in each feeding.

   Replacement of one of chest feedings (or feedings from a small bottle) drink from a cup will be the Following stage. Replace that feeding when the kid especially reluctantly drinks from a small bottle (as a rule, it is a breakfast or a lunch). If everything goes well, replace one more feeding and so on. Usually from a small bottle the child long doesn't want to refuse the last feeding. Most often this evening feeding, but some children have a favourite feeding – morning.

   In process of transition from a pacifier to a cup progress and failures are possible. If at the kid teeth grow or he is chilled, then he will temporarily return to sucking. Don't interfere with this requirement. Having felt better, he will again become thirsty from a cup.

   If the child goes obstinate and refuses to drink on cups. The kid drank from a cup since five months every day. It did one-two drinks, but in nine-ten months instead of absolutely passing to a cup, he, on the contrary, refuses flatly to drink from it. It pushes away a cup and if mother holds it, manages to spill all milk by a mouth. At the same time it has absolutely innocent look. The child can refuse even to touch a cup. Be not upset and still put before the kid a cup with milk (about 20-30 grams) every day and wait. If he takes only one sip, don't insist that he made also the second. Behave as if it is absolutely indifferent for you. In twelve months your matured kid can temper justice with mercy, but there is a probability that its unfriendly relation to a cup will remain up to fifteen months and even longer.

   If you worry because of it, then you izmuchatsya and all the same you will achieve nothing. Don't take this failure too seriously. Forget about what the neighbour's child already drinks from a cup. Understand position of the child. Present that you are in power of the relentless giant which doesn't understand your tongue and takes away from you so the coffee loved by you, forcing you to drink warm water. The more you will insist, the more child will resist. It will lead to the fact that he will begin to drink from a cup much later, than could if you from the very beginning left him alone. In exceptional cases kids for years refuse to drink milk from a cup.

   Sometimes problems with transition from a small bottle to a cup lead to violation of appetite at the child. Show a patience maximum, even when it will begin to drink gradually from a cup, there will pass several months before he finally ceases to drink from a small bottle. Especially the favourite small bottle before going to bed is necessary for him or during a dinner. Children at whom the sosatelny instinct is developed demand the small bottle with milk before going to bed even after two years.

   It happens that my mother is guilty. We have already spoken about the negative consequences of the violent transition from a bottle to a cup. Perhaps a child drinks milk from a cup less than he drank from a bottle. Suppose, at nine months he drinks 160-180 grams of milk at breakfast, as much as lunch and about 120 grams at dinner. If, in addition to each feeding, he is offered a bottle of milk, he will drink another 100 grams. Baby after eight months, drinking a total of 500 grams of milk a day and not showing much interest in sucking, quite a sufficient amount of milk, drunk only from the cup.