Do The Catwalk Everyday

Do The Catwalk Everyday

After nine months or year begin to give to the child food pieces.

  If after twelve months you continue to feed the kid only with the wiped food, then it will be harder and harder for you to teach him to eat independently. Don't think that the child isn't able to cope with food pieces until at him enough teeth grow. It's not true. Actually he is capable to chew pieces of boiled vegetables, fruit or cookies about the help of gums and tongue.

  Happens that the kid chokes with food pieces, but there is it because his throat is so arranged. However it happens to a thicket because it was translated from mashed potatoes to pieces too sharply or too late. And still because parents forced it to eat when it had no desire.

   Upon transition from the wiped food to pieces you remember: this change has to be gradual. At first carefully mash food a fork and put it to the child in a mouth in very small portions. As the kid gets used to a new consistence of food, do pieces more and more. Other way to accustom the child to food pieces following: let him take fingers a food piece (for example, a carrots cube) and puts it in a mouth. I don't recommend to you to try to thrust to it into a mouth a full spoon of pieces. It can cause disgust for such consistence of food. It isn't obligatory to give all food in the form of pieces. That the kid got used to this innovation, it is enough to give it only a part of food in the form of pieces every day.

   Meat still should be crushed carefully as it is difficult for child to chew the whole piece. Often children long chew the same piece of meat and nothing is impossible to them. But they are afraid to swallow not chewed meat. As a result the kid or will begin to choke with a piece, or to it meat will cease to please.

   The child's food by the end of the first year of life.

Perhaps, you finally got confused in different types of food. In whole clearings of a situation the list of products is given below.

   Breakfast: porridge, egg (soft-boiled entirely), bread, milk.

   Lunch: vegetables (green or yellow pieces), potatoes (macaroni), meat or fish, fruit, milk.

   Dinner: porridge, fruit, milk. Daily fruit juice between feedings or at breakfast.

   Bread (it is desirable black or gray) is given during food or between feedings; it is possible to smear it with a thin butter layer or margarine. Sometimes instead of fruit it is possible to offer a pudding. Apples and pears give crude, in the form of mashed potatoes. Bananas also give in the raw. Other fruit need to be cooked in a small amount of water.

   Summing up the result it is possible to tell with a big share of confidence that your one-year-old child can eat almost the same, as you.