How to determine the size of footwear of the child.

Reliable option — to pull out an insole of the most convenient footwear in which the child goes and to measure it.
Other way — to deliver to stop on paper and to lead round a pencil.
It is necessary to lead round a leg in a sock: for winter footwear — in warm, for summer — in thin.
Stop can also measure by a ruler, at the same time the leg has to stand on a firm surface.
It is necessary to measure from extreme speakers of points of foot.
It is possible to put a leg directly on a ruler or the tense centimetric tape.
It is better to take measurements in the evening because legs for day are poured, length can change on 0,5 cm.
It is necessary to measure both legs and to take a bigger indicator in attention.
The difference in length of the left and right foot can make several millimeters.
Indicators need to be rounded towards big sizes to 0,5 or 1. If the kid has, for example, length of foot 16,7, then it is necessary to round to 17 cm.
It is also necessary to consider what during a step of stop moves forward therefore it is necessary to leave free space in a sock.