1. We accept payments on cash cards of the following payment service providers: 

2. If you pay with the cash card after pressing the "Pass for Payment with the Card" button, you will get on the page of payment where it will be necessary to enter data of your plastic card and to confirm payment. All information transferred by you is confidential and is not subject to disclosure. Data of your card are transferred in encrypted form. Information transfer is carried out on the closed banking networks of the highest degree of protection. Thus, the personal and bank data of the client is inaccessible for employees of online store.
Attention: delivery of Goods is carried out by us only after receipt of money from the Buyer for the settlement account of the Seller.
Attention: At return of money to the client, return is made only on that card with which payment was made.

Delivery terms worldwide:

Sending goods is carried out by Russian Post in working hours, after receiving payment. After sending the order we will send you the notice and a track number of departure. Having entered the given identifier on the official site of Russian Post (, you will be able independently to trace the term of arrival of your order.

Delivery cost on the world:

The cost of delivery makes from $USA 10 to 30 (depending on the region and the country), is defined automatically at completion of execution of the order.

Delivery periods worldwide:

Usually the order is delivered within 14 — 28 working days.

Depending on work of the delivery service in the country of the buyer.